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On Distributed File Systems

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Recently I have been quite fascinated with Distributed File Systems for Map Reduce systems. I did some reading and am now in process of getting familiar with the QFS codebase. Here is a quick list of 3 academic journals which are the foundation for GFS, HDFS and QFS.

The Joy of Reading Academic Papers

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The other day I was reflecting on the past three months of my life as a graduate Computer Science student. Then a question popped up in my head : What were some of the things I was missing out on before joining graduate college? Hell! What was the one thing I would have missed out on the most? The answer was indeed quite obvious to me.

As an undergraduate I almost read no academic papers. To be honest, I was totally oblivious to this idea. However, in these past three months, I have discovered the joy of reading papers. How could I ever miss on it?

A good time to share some of the most interesting papers I have read / am reading :

  1. On RTree and R*Tree

  2. On HDFS

  3. On LFS

  4. This paper has my academic advisor as one of the authors: Socio Spatial Queryingg

  5. Lamport Clocks

Reading infinite number of papers is fundamental for a graduate student. It is indeed a great beginning for me.

The Microsoft Intern Interview Experience (United States)

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This post is for everyone who is anxious about their internship interviews and is looking for gaining insights into the Microsoft’s University Recruitment program in United States.

For me it started off with Microsoft visiting Penn State at the Career Fair and taking my details. On signing up at the recruitment booth ( my preference was SDE position), I was gifted a nice ( although oversized as all Mediums were already taken) T Shirt.

After a week or so, I got a followup email from the recruiter. Microsoft was visiting campus to conduct the first round of interviews. The first interview was hardly impressive, it was short in duration ( ~30mins ) and the question was very vague. I sort of had a bad feeling about it.

Nevertheless, I was selected and had a followup with another round of interviews being scheduled. It was 1 hour of interview each with two different set of developers from Microsoft. One of the guys was working for the Windows Networking Stack and another for Windows Mobile Phone team. The 1st interviewer had an easy question for me however the 2nd one was non trivial. With some whiteboard practice I had been doing, I sailed through them anyways.

I was excited when Microsoft proposed to fly all the potential interns to Redmond for the final internship rounds. A free trip to Seattle! Wohooooo! The arrangements made for the interns were perfect. Free town cabs anywhere, limos (with a nice bar) to take us around in the campus, free food, stay and other amenities for 2 nights and 3 days.

During our interview day we were taken around the campus with a great lunch with a couple of Microsoft employees. This followed with us waiting in one the building’s lobby with XBoxes, Surfaces and other devices. 1 hour of interview each with 2 different teams followed. The first one was with Microsoft user experience team and the second was with the SQL Server team. I was quite impressed by the 2nd guy, his knowledge on databases was very impressive. The questions were again non trivial but interesting. I had a great time solving them.

After waiting for a while in the lobby, we were called inside a glass door room next to the lobby. I was offered the internship position with the details of my offers being sent in the mail in a week. Also the recruiter was very keen on knowing what offers and interviews I had pending with other companies and what they could do in order to make me inclined towards Microsoft.

Also 89% (yes, Microsoft’s internal statistics) of interns make it to full time positions after they graduate. One of the neat USP Microsoft was selling us.

It was great experience overall. Thanks to Microsoft for such a great interview experience. :)

Keep Pushing Your Boundaries

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The title of the post is quite self explanatory, “Keep pushing your boundaries”. The best you can be is the best you push yourself to become.

We as humans have boundless abilities.

Computer Science Graduate Studies

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Classes begin Monday August 26th. Hope I will have a good time studying the guts of Computer Science. :)

Courses I will be taking this semester:

  1. CSE 565: Algorithm Design and Analysis

  2. CSE 511: Operating System Design

  3. CSE 541: Database Systems

  4. CSE 590: Colloquium ( Hope I enjoy the seminars )

I will also be the TA for CMPSC 221 (Object-Oriented Programming) undergraduate class. Another exciting experience!

So let the fall semester begin. ;)

Life: New Season

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A brand new season of life begins: 1st of August 2013.

I am moving to United States, joining the Masters in Computer Science program at Pennsylvania State University.

My American Dream. :)

Amazing Time at Rubyconfindia 2013

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22nd - 23rd June 2013 was time for Rubyconfindia at Pune. I was super excited to attend the event and visit Pune for the very first time. Just as expected the event was full of learning and fun.

One of the best part was meeting the Ruby Pros. We had Steve Klabnik, Jim Weirich, Aaron Patterson, Andy Lindeman, Nick Stutter & Sau Sheong Chang. Also it is such a pleasure to see Aaron on stage, he is the Steve Jobs of ruby confrences.

I got to finally meet some of my online friends from the TDF times! That would be Shirish Padalkar, Mehulved and Gaurish.

Here is a flickr gallery of the event.

Cheers to the Ruby community! :)